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Our Story

Shires Bakery began as a small bakery in Owen Sound close to 100 years ago, focusing mainly on pastries and doughnuts. It was later relocated to Hamilton and purchased by Jorge and Vera Alamo. Due to extreme success with their Soft “N” Chewy cookies, Shires decided to shift their focus primarily on this baked good product. Being such a delectable snack they were able to expand into vending, catering, gas stations, grocery/convenience stores and later, schools. Keeping the health-conscious customer in mind, Shires also offers a “healthier choice” line of cookies in addition to their original recipe.


Jason and Larry purchased Shires Bakery in late 2019 and are continuing on the already established reputable brand with a quality product for a great price! Keeping everything from the recipes to the staff and the facility the same, Jason and Larry are looking to build on Shire’s existing success, while further expanding the company to make Shire’s cookies the top choice for a variety of customers. With an extensive background in management, streamlining,  branding, marketing and an entrepreneurial mindset, Jason and Larry are ready to take Shires to the next level!


Jason Da Luz and Larry Rodrigues



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